Cinema Theatre Advertising


Digital/Qube advt

Advertising in Cinema theatres is an effective method of advertsing and few years back Cinema slides were screened in theatres and due to the invention of digital screening, screening of Cinema slides lost its popularity and screening through digital media taken place now a days. Screening digitally are done through two major providers known as through Qube and UFO. In Tamilnadu & Puducherry most of the Theatres were using the Services from QUBE and UFO. Through this medium we can screen slides and videos for 10 to 60+ seconds. For screening videos the Sensor Certicate is must. The screening images must be RGB color mode with 300 dpi resolution and in psd / jpeg / tiff formats and Cinema spots (videos) in .mov/HD/SD format on hard disk, DVD, Digibeta, Beta.



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