Audio Advertising


Audio Advertising.... We are,  from the begining (in the name of grand publicities) in the voice advertising field and having much more experience to do voice advertising. for any kind of voice advertising such as business promotional or opening ceremony or any special events,,, just call us or send your requirements to us through email and inform us.  we will do it and send the voice advertisement to your mail. You can download it and can use it. The time and tariff will differ as per your requirements. So once sending your message we will consult with you and inform you... for any clarifications please  call us. The services can be obtained at any time (except 10 pm to 6.00am) and priority will be given for urgent cases.

For any type of advertising let us inform the matter eight in english or Tamil, we will convert it into the language you prefer and send the recorded voice to your mail id, and from their you can download the same and you can use the same according tho the situtation. Even if you are not having the script you please send the sections of subject to be advertised / informed to the public we will work on it with the help of the script writer and do the same for you easyness. The subject matter to be announsed should be within the permissible limit of Rules and Regulations.


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